Overall I was pleased. We started out on fire and then lost our composure.  I thought we executed offensively and defensively in the first set. Lincoln Christian is a good team.  We let them get back into it in set two and three.   We still need to work on our out of system play more.  Our side-out percentage could be better and I thought  we forced them into making errors but we just wasn't good enough tonight."  State Head Coach Dawn Barnes

Offense is not one of our strengths like I want it to be. Our hitters are making way too many errors in crucial moments of the game. We have to get back in the gym and work on this.  Defensively, could not be prouder of the way that we are starting to pursue every ball. Balls that we would have let drop earlier in the season, we are getting the balls up to the setter".  Jade Mulvaney led the offense with 13 kills with 17 digs, Robyn Griffin with 7 kills;  Tori Gardenhire with 7 kills and 3 service aces; Mhejhana Williams with 9 kills, 5 digs, Emily Wagenaar five kills with 15 digs, Cara Nebel had 20 Assists with 9 digs and FR/S Maddie Maatman has 20 Assists with 7 digs.


RedHawks are back in action Tuesday nite the Savannah Center versus Calumet College of St. Joseph. The match will be live streamed starting at 7pm CST.