2016-17 Men's Basketball Schedule
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  • % Scrimmage
  • ^ Exhibition
  • Home events are in bold
Schedule for 2016-17 Men's Basketball
 DayTime OpponentScore Record 
 257:30 PM @ Judson UniversityL-91-92recap0-1 Details
 25:00 PM vs. Grace Bible CollegeL-79-86recap0-2 Details
 ROTC Color Guard
 51:00 PM vs. Indiana University KokomoW-99-86recap1-2 Details
 HOMECOMING: Honorary Coach John Weber
 97:00 PM @ Calumet College of St. JosephL-76-84recap1-3 Details
132:05 PM @ Loyola University-ChicagoL-51-100 Details
 Loyola University Chicago - Gentile Center
 167:00 PM vs. Goshen CollegeL-81-97recap1-4 Details
 194:00 PM vs. Asbury UniversityW-112-102recap2-4 Details
 226:00 PM @ Indiana University KokomoW-110-101recap3-4 Details
 261:00 PM vs. Indiana University-South BendW-89-74recap4-4 Details
 306:00 PM vs. Great Lakes Christian CollegeW-100-65recap5-4 Details
 32:00 PM @ Holy Cross CollegeW-89-83recap6-4 Details
 67:00 PM @ Robert Morris UniversityL-76-102recap6-5 Details
 94:00 PM vs. Kentucky Christian UniversityW-106-82recap7-5 Details
 IUK Classic
 1012:00 PM vs. UC ClermontW-114-95recap8-5 Details
 IUK Classic
 157:00 PM vs. Governors State UniversityW-107-88recap9-5 Details
 215:00 PM vs. Roosevelt UniversityL-87-979-6 Details
297:00 PM @ University of Wisconsin-ParksideL-83-117 Details
 313:00 PM @ Trinity Christian CollegeL-69-79recap9-7 Details
 27:30 PM @ Saint Joseph's CollegeW-101-93recap10-7 Details
 74:00 PM @ Silver Lake CollegeW-97-73recap11-7 Details
 127:00 PM @ Moody Bible InstituteW-92-67recap12-7 Details
144:00 PM vs. (7)Rochester CollegeL-85-99recap12-8 0-1Details
 Honorary Coach: Aaron Hurt, All-Phase Electric
203:00 PM vs. Lincoln Christian UniversityW-100-65recap13-8 1-1Details
 A.I.I. Classic
216:00 PM vs. Wilberforce UniversityW-90-82recap14-8 2-1Details
 A.I.I. Classic
 244:30 PM @ Andrews UniversityW-95-87recap15-8 Details
 273:00 PM @ Great Lakes Christian CollegeW-115-70recap16-8 Details
281:00 PM @ (4)Rochester CollegeL-96-126recap16-9 2-2Details
 317:00 PM vs. Moody Bible InstituteW-97-81recap17-9 Details
 43:00 PM @ Saint Xavier UniversityL-81-90recap17-10 Details
 87:00 PM vs. Andrews UniversityW-81-78 (2OT)recap18-10 Details
113:00 PM @ Lincoln Christian UniversityW-79-60recap19-10 3-2Details
 177:00 PM vs. Silver Lake CollegeW-88-75recap20-10 Details
 *Senior Night* Honorary Coach Kristofer Schnatz
 245:00 PM vs. College of the OzarksW-90-87recap21-10 Details
 A.I.I. Conference Championships
 255:00 PM @ (4)Rochester CollegeL-91-98recap21-11 Details
 A.I.I. Conference Championships